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Yobe State University, Damaturu, Nigeria

About The Department


The Department of Biological Sciences is part of the Faculty of Science. The teaching responsibilities are B.Sc. Biology together with the biological aspects of the Pre-degree programme, the Science Foundation Course (or Part One), and the B. Sc. (Ed) course.
The Department started with thirty three (33) students and six (6) academic staff in the 2009/2010 academic year. From a modest beginning (33 students and 6 Academic staff) within 7 years, it had outgrown its quarters in the parent ADP building and in 2009 moved into a purpose built building, the Science Complex in the new academic area. The accommodation allocated to the Department of Biological Sciences consists of three laboratories designed for 60 students each , where general laboratories are mainly for Part one & Two, whereas, general & research laboratories for Part three & Four. There is a preparatory room between each pair of laboratories, a specimen storage room, and two small stores (the Biological Central Store is under the sole control of the store officer).


The philosophy of the B.Sc. Biology Programme is to produce graduates with immense knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in Biological Sciences to effectively and efficiently work in private and public institutions and organizations that have focus on Academic, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Development, Biotechnology and Socio-economic orientations. The graduates expected to compete favourably with their peers that have obtained B.Sc. degrees in biology or biological sciences courses within or outside Nigeria. The graduates will have flexibility in career development in Biological Sciences at postgraduate studies.


To fit into the overall purpose of Yobe State University through,
i. Supporting the Science Foundation course which supplies most of the intake to the science-based courses of the Faculty of Science, and together with courses run by the Faculty of Education at First degree levels.
ii. Producing a steady stream of undergraduates who will be engaged in constructive work in a wider setting.
iii. Contributing directly to the development of northern Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa through conference papers, proposals, research and advice.


The specific academic objectives of the B.Sc. Biology Degree programme are to:
i. train scholars, researchers and intellectuals with broad knowledge of contemporary biology with focus on innovative and cross cutting issues that address myriads of problems in Academic, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Development, Biotechnology and Socioeconomic domains,
ii. contribute to new discoveries and innovations in biological sciences through cutting edge researches,iii. provide professional guidance and consultancy services to private and public institutions and organizations at national and international levels on issues relating to biological sciences,
iv. develop enthusiasm for interdisciplinary scientific research, community development and leadership among prospective young Nigerian and other nationals in biological sciences,
v. be admissible into postgraduate programmes in Biological Sciences and related disciplines both at home and abroad.